AMIG5203 TWA Issue 3 – ENGINES (AMMO of Mig Jimenez, EN)

Производитель: AMMO of Mig Jimenez
Код товара: 3035457

Третий выпуск "авиационной" подсерии журнала The Weathering от Мигеля Хименеса - тематический The Weathering Aircraft, часть №3 ДВИГАТЕЛИ

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TWA = The Weathering Aircraft - часть вторая. Издается вся серия только на английском языке. 68 страниц, плотно "набитых" чужими секретами и хитростями постройки и везеринга впечатляющих моделей авиации.

The third issue of the Weathering Aircraft, your favorite modeling magazine focused on painting and weathering techniques, is here. For this edition, our brilliant collaborators had thrown themselves into the fray, working on different engines and showing how to weather them step by step: oil and grease stains, rust and dirt marks and even how to paint a derelict engine. From the first steps assembling the replicas of these engineering marvels to the most exhaustive detail work. In these pages you´ll find from the engines that propelled the first flying machines to the most modern jets, through the all-time WWII classics; all you need to create a truly masterpiece out of your scale aircraft engine.

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